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Haute Feed This Week: DAFT PUNK


Yes, they remove their helmets to eat

As Coachella approaches, our phones start ringing with last-minute catering requests for parties, private chef needs and even drop-off schedules.  When we got a call from the Daft Punk team to staff, cater and have an on-site chef team for Daft themselves, their entourage and their daily guests – we were thrilled.  They’re French, so they know a thing or two about food.

Their visit out to Coachella was to be kept a secret, so we couldn’t share what we were doing before it was released, of course.  Haute Chefs was the chosen luxury chef team in charge of crafting three main farm-to-table meals a day for what was about 20-30 people a day along with healthy snacks and even customized pressed juices (which they LOVED).  Always, professional and creative, our team was at the Palm Springs estate daily at 7:30 a.m. armed with all the freshest ingredients to make unique, delicious meals for Thomas, Guy-Manuel, their record label team and chosen close friends.  Our nights would end well into the wee hours.   I guess you can say we were ‘up all night to get lucky’ – lucky for the opportunity to work with them and the fact that they loved all we did, all week long.

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