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Meet Chef Jeffrey Nimer


A Miami native of Lebanese background, Chef Nimer holds a diverse culinary heritage that is both nurtured and natured.  Growing up in Miami, the Cuban element shaped not only his palate, but his affinity for experimenting with latin-influenced ingredients and the skill of perfecting recipes with one of Miami’s most plentiful resources; seafood.  Not to mention a mean salsa move or two.

Born from his Lebanese ancestry – Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern derived ingredients were a daily norm.  Cooking alongside his mother and absorbing the verbally passed down recipes instilled a deep love for cooking.  It was these times – spent alongside the stove with his mother in preparation for gatherings as well as the “aftermath” amongst family and friends that he attributes to igniting his passion for all that happens at the table and loving the story-telling power of food.

Today, he calls LA his home, adding yet another dimension to his culinary existence.  Living in California – surrounded by an abundance of beautiful fresh ingredients, sustainable meats, farmers markets and a conscious food-driven culture, Chef Nimer has all that is needed to be inspired everyday and create the Haute Chefs experience.

Professionally speaking  

Chef Nimer is a James Beard nominated chef – formally trained at Johnson & Wales Culinary School.  Early in his career, he served as Chef De Cuisine and Executive Chef in Miami’s most influential restaurants.  He was later recruited by the Loews Hotel Group in Santa Monica, where he helmed as the Executive Chef of the celebrated French restaurant, ‘Lavande.’  He soon ventured into the private chef sector and has been the go-to private chef for Forbes list regulars and celebrity clientele ever since.