Catering and culinary consulting


As a culinary consultant for chefs and restaurants, we offer a variety of services to local entrepreneurs and private restaurant owners in and around Los Angeles.

Let's face it - L.A. has no shortage of great restaurants. There are expert chefs and fine foods galore. There's a long list of fantastic places that have made a name for themselves as a must-go restaurant for their quality of food, diverse menus, dynamic experience and luxury setting.

Needless to say, the competition is fierce. So how can newer restaurants find their footing and become a household name? How can struggling restaurants kick their brand name up a notch to the next level? That's where we come in.

Our Beginning

Haute Chefs LA was founded by Miami-native, Chef Jeffrey Nimer. After spending years in some of the most prestigious kitchens and influential restaurants around Miami, he decided to bring his fine-dining experience and knowledge to L.A., where he ventured into the private chef sector and has become a go-to chef for the Forbes list regulars and celebrity clientele.

What We Offer

When Chef Nimer isn't preparing a feast for a private event or catering for a production set, he's assisting fellow entrepreneurs, restaurant-owners and all around food-lovers on how to take their business to the next level - because he's been there, done that.

He understands how grueling and challenging it can be to open and maintain a restaurant - whether you're a new player in the game or an experienced restaurateur. It's not enough to simply have a passion for food. There are so many other factors that go into making a restaurant successful - and that's where we come in.

We offer a range of consulting services, from menu development to brand marketing to kitchen design. We'll help you figure out what's missing from your business. And we'll give you the tools and resources you need to take your restaurant to new heights or to hone your skills in the culinary field.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to restaurants. But with our help, we can develop a tailor-made plan that will help your business succeed.