You’re 17.  It’s time for a road trip, through classic Route 66 because you just broke up with your teenage love.  Olivia Rodrigo is Driving Home 2 U’ – to “Us”, and she’s stopping by the roadside diners for milk shakes, hamburgers with fries and all that delicious comfort food that screams “Americana” to soak her sorrows away in vanilla ice-cream and French fries.  All topped off with a red, shiny cherry and it was fabulous.

For this event, the production crew brought us in to create a memorable and nostalgic food experiences topped off with great service for one of their top tier talents.  On the menu – 1950s diner classics like sliders, fries, hot dogs, sundaes with whipped cream and cherries! Vintage inspired sodas in glass bottles and a cast of serving staff that delivered all with a smile and a ton of personality.  Don’t just think of us as “fancy” – we do fries and sliders.  It will just be the best fries and sliders you’ve had – for the same price as the ‘other guys.’  We aim to have the special ‘touch’ that makes it a little more memorable, we hope. 

Photography: Pamela Garcia-Aguirre

Production: Little Cinema