We love to collaborate, share our expertise with anyone that would like it.

We hold a core competency in unique culinary realms including, curated menu creation, food-centric event production, kitchen design, culinary entrepreneurship, food styling, and culinary creative direction.

Culinary trend forecasting: 

Naturally, intrinsically holding a captive audience of trend-forward Los Angeles and global company trends on food culture,  we identify emerging food and ingredient trends by witnessing them take form, distilling art, design, social media at events we are directly involved with.

We are a small company with an exceptional roster of clients. Trust our expertise to help you achieve your goals. Our core competencies include menu creation, brand awareness, recipe development, and much more. We have collaborated with the biggest names in the industry, served the most discerning clientele, and are entrepreneurs who can provide vital insights. We possess extensive branding and design expertise, and have experience opening new, high-volume restaurants with a well-trained team on a regular basis. We are at the forefront of food trends, and our team is proficient at identifying them before they become mainstream. We have already conducted costing, vendor vetting, and have a vast network of connections within the industry. If you have a new restaurant, hotel, or an innovative concept, we are the go-to food and hospitality brain trust.

Thinking of starting a food business and just want to tap into our expertise?