Our raison d’etre is based on the magic that happens at the table.  Our drop off or pickup option is intended for casual entertaining at home.  The approach to our drop off option is to recreate moments just as we would entertain at home.  All menus are seasonal and change through the year. 

Our approach to drop off has been designed to be a casual option based on how we, ourselves would entertain at home.  Casual, but unique. It's going to have the same hand, thoughtfulness and details that we have built our reputation on. 

The ingredients are going to be hyper seasonal, super local, very delicious and full of bright flavors made with organic ingredients.  We serve surprises with a Mediterranean lean with California ingredients.  Casual but unique.  When we create each of our seasonal drop off menus we imagine what we would like to surround ourselves and our guests with in our home if we were to have a party and thus is how each seasonal menu is created.  We pour ourselves a glass of wine imagine our friends and family coming to our home and envision what menu items are at the table in the backdrop of those stories that is our seasonal menu.

We also offer pickup orders from our kitchen in North Hollywood.

For parties up to 25 guests, we can also send servers to help set out the food as a buffet and provide light beverage service. If you'd like to request a server with your drop off, please email us or give us a call @ 818-358-4391. For more information on drop offs with a server, please view our guidelines here.

No minimum for pickup // $500 minimum for local delivery