To be a part of such a historic, heritage California wine maker, was incredibly special for us.  We intimately understood the history and significance of OPUS winery in California, so when we were hired to hold the Los Angeles launch dinner for the release of Opus 2018 vintage – it was extremely exciting for us.  Knowing that we could push the envelope and put ingredients on the menu that may, otherwise be avoided for the non-adventurous, we knew we could place them here and they’d be celebrated and appreciated.  

A wonderful brand team to collaborate with, building the menu, bringing on a respected Los Angeles Sommelier, procuring the look, feel and florals of the dinner – the Opus dinner was incredibly inspiring.  Held at an art gallery, out of the back alley, we created food fit for this heritage brand.

Photography:  Pamela Garcia-Aguirre

Production: Haute Chefs LA in collaboration with Opus One