When THE entertainment  authority of this town calls on you to create a memorable dining experience for one of the most momentous entertainment authorities, the answer is YES. The request: tray pass, plated 3 course dinner (with tableside choice of entrée) and plated dessert for unarguably, the most powerful women in Hollywood.  Held in the literal center of Beverly Hills, at the Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts, we took over a corner of paradise on the north west corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Canon drive to create a memorable and effortlessly SMOOTH experience.  Just ask the client.

Events such as this, require a mammoth production team, celebrity wrangling and meticulous production.  So many moving parts – all timed to a specific delivery window orchestrated to create an event experience that feels like ‘it’s been there forever.’  All staff, smooth on parking and entry.  All kitchen team – apron’ed up and in place like it’s the 365th day they’ve worked at a restaurant with a permanent menu.  BUT, but – we are the opposite.  Just landed on the concrete and getting into uniform, once we tie the apron – 1000% immersed in the current event as it was the only one on Earth. For tonight.  IT is. Here are the picks that tell the story:

Photography: Pamela Garcia-Aguirre

Production: Goldsky Productions, Variety