Held at the legendary Mayan Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, we were implemental in bringing to life a transformation the Amazon and event producers dreamed up; creating the magic of a small Mexican village  to life in downtown for the celebration of a movie premiere on the streaming network.  Overhead, brightly colored paper cut outs streamed across the ceiling, festive cocktails flowed from the in house bar and a full 12-piece Mariachi band belted out classics and a troop of Mexican folkloric dancers danced in the middle of this magical event.  This was one of our favorite event kitchen’s to work from – food was such a big focus of this particular event, inspired by the open kitchens in Mexican towns like Tulum, we created an ‘open working kitchen,’ where the kitchen was visible to guests.  It was a vibe.  On the menu, tray passed mini sopés, churros,   Guests were also invited to the taco station, where chefs were warming fresh tortillas and hand assembling fresh tacos.  

Photography: Steve Steinhardt

Production: Highness