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Haute Chefs LA is a single resource for STYLISH catering, THOUGHTFUL chef-prepared meal delivery and boutique private chef services centered around the love of ALL THINGS FOOD.

We live to exist where the ART OF FOOD, wine and CULTURE OF THE TABLE intersect – all topped off with IMPECCABLE service.

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Chef Jeffrey Nimer

A Miami native of Lebanese background, Chef Nimer holds a diverse culinary heritage that is both nurtured and natured.  Growing up in Miami, the Cuban element shaped not only his palate, but his affinity for experimenting with latin-influenced ingredients and the skill of perfecting recipes with one of Miami’s most plentiful resources; seafood.  Not to mention a mean salsa move or two.

Born from his Lebanese ancestry – Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern derived ingredients were a daily norm.  Cooking alongside his mother and absorbing the verbally passed down recipes instilled a deep love for cooking.  It was these times – spent alongside the stove with his mother in preparation for gatherings as well as the “aftermath” amongst family and friends that he attributes to igniting his passion for all that happens at the table and loving the story-telling power of food.

Today, he calls LA his home, adding yet another dimension to his culinary existence.  Living in California – surrounded by an abundance of beautiful fresh ingredients, sustainable meats, farmers markets and a conscious food-driven culture, Chef Nimer has all that is needed to be inspired everyday and create the Haute Chefs experience.

Professionally speaking 

Chef Nimer is a James Beard nominated chef – formally trained at Johnson & Wales Culinary School.  Early in his career, he served as Chef De Cuisine and Executive Chef in Miami’s most influential restaurants.  He was later recruited by the Loews Hotel Group in Santa Monica, where he helmed as the Executive Chef of the celebrated French restaurant, ‘Lavande.’  He soon ventured into the private chef sector and has been the go-to private chef for Forbes list regulars and celebrity clientele ever since.

What we do

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The “C” word – we try not to use it.  It evokes unsavory images of ice sculpture swans, stiff polyester table linens and the early 90s-esque tuna tartar in cucumber cup. THERE WILL BE NONE OF THAT HERE.

Enter HC Catering.  We are the NEW SCHOOL. We approach each event INDIVIDUALLY - whether an intimate gathering of 6 or 600 with a fresh take on menu offerings - keeping the budget, mood and season into consideration.

We believe that GREAT FOOD EXPERIENCES aren’t just about great ingredients (as that’s a given). We are of the mind that how everything LOOKS is just as important as how it TASTES. We live for what HAPPENS AT THE TABLE – the gathering of friends, old and new and respect how food has the power to make it MEMORABLE.

We offer full turnkey event catering services or customize what you need help from us on.

Either way – you can expect the same HC PROMISE: amazing food, stylish presentation.

All topped off with IMPECCABLE SERVICE.

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HC on Site Catering

  • Turnkey Catering and Event Services
  • Professional Staffing
  • Event Management
  • Design & Styling Resources Offered
  • Professional Chef Helmed

HC Drop Off Catering

  • We can set up food in your platters or rent ours
  • HC Menu Signage included
  • Great economic choice for smaller gatherings
Haute Chefs LA

Haute Chefs at home

At Haute Chefs, we believe that free time and good health are the true luxuries in life.  So, we’d like to help you out with both.  Haute Chefs @ Home is a unique culinary service set apart from all other ‘one size fits all’ meal delivery options.  Haute Chefs @ Home is customized to your specific palate, schedule, health goals and diet restrictions.  Think of us as your very own on staff private chef – without the price tag.


Busy people lead busy lives.  Usually, too busy to cook, too busy to plan any menus and definitely too busy to go to the grocery store.  Even if a box arrived with all your ingredients and a recipe – you’re too busy to actually cook and clean up right?

Bring on Haute Chefs @ Home.  Our chefs will do the shopping, including farmer’s market ingredients, create custom-specialized menus and create personal dishes delivered to you.


Contact us to find out more!


Eat how you live and live how you eat

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Private Chef Services

At the core of Haute Chefs – it is all about the PRIVATE CHEF EXPERIENCE – this is how we started and still maintain our position as the go to for Los Angeles based luxury chef needs.

Without sounding overly ‘haute’ - if you need a chef at ‘the manor’ in Beverly Park,  rented a Malibu house for the summer and need 10 bottles of 1982 Petrus stat or an 8 course tasting menu with wine flights – WE GOT IT.  Real requests – all fulfilled.

If this sounds like something you (or your boss) needs, YOU’VE FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE.

Check out our clients

Nicole Richie / Bruno Mars / Jessica Alba / Petra Ecclestone / Peter Thiel / Jason Stratham / Ben Affleck / Tobey Macguire / Kirsten Dunst / Sumner Redstone / Sylvester Stallone / David Geffen / Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen / Stavros Niarchos / Ray Romano / Jennifer Lopez


Our Kitchen

After renting many-a-kitchen, we realized we wanted and more importantly, needed our own commercial kitchen space. We wanted it to be WHITE with lots of NATURAL LIGHT, be modern, sparkling clean and have that ‘new kitchen’ smell.


Introducing ‘The HC Kitchen’ – Haute Chefs owned commercial kitchen studio, where all of our food is created and MADE WITH LOVE by our skilled staff.

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The HC Kitchen is available for rent or filming needs.

Please contact us for more information.

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